3 comments on “What You Need to Know About Nuclear Attacks

  1. I see two problems with this theory. An EMP attack is a nuclear attack. We would respond in kind. If there is a nuclear war initiated by either China or Russia it will be a surprise attack and they better use everything because we will retaliate.
    Secondly there is no possibility of a limited nuclear exchange. If any country attacks a nuclear superpower the attacked superpower has only one choice and that is a massive counterattack. How massive? 2000-4000 nukes.

    This not to say we couldn’t face a nuclear war. Sooner or later nuclear war is inevitable. Probably it will begin in the Middle East with Iran attacking Israel and Israel nuking them back to the stone age.

    If Russia ever decides to nuke us and sends 2000-4000 nukes our way you can pretty much forget surviving. Sure some will survive but statistically it won’t be you or me.

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